If we were talking about a production phase of any product we would be using comfortably the area names such as plant etc. however here we are talking about an “endless” “life”. Vineyards put out roots and they go deeper in the soil, the roots foster the leaves and the formation of the grapes.

Thus, our wine making area is a “living” area for us.

And we give great importance to our habitat.

In the winery where the flow technique with the natural force of gravity is being used, processed grapes are automatically being poured into stainless steel and oak tanks under the influence of gravity. The wine is also flowing into the French oak barrels with the same method under the influence of gravity. So because no pump is used, the wines are not being traumatized, they lose nothing from their peculiar delicate aroma and flavor. As same as it happens in the human life.

Thanks to the technically superior and different barrels in the winery (Ganymede, horizontal, oak, etc.), a flexible production can be done for each kind of wine in order to get the best result by making various trials and tests during the production process. In this way, successful results are obtained by means of product quality. When our architectural structure is taken into consideration, the use of gravity and the presence of fermentation and stocking areas of the facility under the ground, provide a serious energy saving. Using the natural resources in a “good” way is our promise to the mother nature. 

Another very important factor that helps our wines reach a high quality is that we have an extremely equipped and advanced laboratory in technical terms. The life in each barrel is

constantly monitored by us. We can either control it closely one to one or even from halfway around the world. Thus we can monitor and save all the development in each barrel second by second. The nature of the seed is ready to give us the best, and we try to make it perfect with the highest technology.

We are performing studies in order to transform “our habitat” into an international wine base in the upcoming years and to combine the world’s knowledge with our technology, information and values.

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